Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I began the odd hobby of performing live theater primarily for the same, inherent reason I became a writer. The self-indulgence of my heightened ego.

Acting also affords me the opportunity to show the masses just exactly where I weigh in on the cleverness scale, all without knocking on doors or soliciting via fax machines.

Note to youngsters: When confronted with the riddle of how to successfully show-off, it's much easier if the assemblage seeks out your presence, rather than vice-versa.

But none of this works if you stink up the stage often enough to have patrons ask for assorted rotten vegetables to help critic your performances.

For me, I have no clue how to act. I've never had any professional training or classes - which painfully is clear at times - but would enjoy doing so.

But, I can say without any reservations that I know exactly how "not" to act. Meaning, how to put your mind in the right frame to help prevent bad acting.

Thus, I humbly offer to you the philosophy of being emotionally naked.

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