Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Ghost gets it's Groove

The lines have been learned. The music has been mastered. The lights are ready to shine once more.

Including our preview night, we've had three consecutive performances before packed crowds and I fully expect this to continue throughout our run.
"It's their (Greenbrier County's) story," Cathey Sawyer, our director, has told the cast. And she's absolutely right.

After being away from the theater for a few days, the cast had a brush up rehearsal Wednesday evening and I could tell the time away helped some of the performers, including myself. The mood was light and relaxed and everyone was enjoying themselves.

I can't speak for all of the cast members, but it was intense ride leading up to opening night. We only had a few short weeks to prepare. However, Cathey and her crew definitely had us ready. I was damn proud of everyone and it really showed why GVT is such a professional theater. Cathey inspired me to buckle down and get the job done.

"It's time for all hands on deck," Cathey told us a few days before opening night. I knew exactly what that meant.

Thus begins our second week and I expect tonight's performance to be superlative and I hope you will join us because The Greenbrier Ghost has definitely found it's groove.

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